Customer score and charge cards are the systems which have been developed for stores. Today, most of these systems pursue the goal of ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty. At this very point, we produce special solutions for you. With the customer card system we create to ensure you to become a preferred company for customers, we support the reinforcement of the corporate structure of your enterprise.

We prepare special customer card designs for your company, thus making the customer feel special by holding the card of your company. With the special customer cards in their wallets or bags, we will always ensure customers to remember your company and to choose you in their purchases.

With the system we have launched, you will get to know about your customers in a better way, see which customer has made purchases from your company and how much they spent for such purchases, enable them to earn points with every purchase, and you will even be able to set customer-specific discount rates and point- earning rates.

Thanks to the customer cards, you can see all details of your customer within seconds whenever they visit your enterprise. You can categorize your customers by any criteria of your choice and you can inform all or a certain category of your customers about your campaigns or notifications via mass e-mail or SMS. You can also save dates of special occasions (birthday, wedding anniversary, etc.) of each customer and send greetings or invitations to them via SMS or e-mail on such special occasions.

For companies having multiple branches or payment points, we enable this system to operate online at all of your branches by setting a Score Card System that operates on the Internet.

With the Customer Card system, we have achieved the aim of getting one step ahead by providing a system which is also feasible even for small and medium scale enterprises, rather than involving projects which only require giant investments by very big companies. We have reduced the distance between you and your customer to zero.