KozKart offers its customers card personalization services with its manufacturing plant that can produce 100.000.000 plastic cards yearly.

• Personalization by embossing
• Personalization with thermal printing (image printing, numbering, logo, personal information)
• Magnetic stripe encoding
• Contact / contactless smart card encoding
• Thermal barcode printing

• DOD 18,000 pcs / hour
• Barcode and QR barcode printing
• Number encoding
• Magnetic stripe and chip encoding
• Data control
• Matching and reporting chip UID number and card number.

Label printing
Barcode printing on the form
Matching the barcode on the form with the magnetic stripe on the card
Form-card matching
Match mounting, inserting into envelopes and mailing

KozKart provides consultancy services for all tailor made card projects for its customers. It performs all kinds of card-based project management, training and design consultancy services, end-to-end card operation and POS solutions, including help desk and field services throughout the entire process.