Time is one of the greatest currencies of our age. Providing the required fast transportation that people need in developing and growing cities, urban public transportation vehicles have become synonymous with municipal service and prosperity, and factors such as increasing population and difficult traffic conditions have created their own needs within the transportation sector. In line with these needs, KozKart provides services to many municipalities and corporate customers in the field of smart city planning and transportation such as high circulation smart card production and technological infrastructure, and aims at perfection in its services. Cards such as transportation cards and prepaid cards are the main needs of the industry.

The retail market, where end users and businesses come together, fast changing spending habits and developing technology have made it imperative for businesses to improve their dialogue with their customers. From food to technology, textile to transportation, creating a difference for customers in all kinds of services play a leading role in the preferability of businesses. KozKart offers the desired solution to SMEs and corporate customers who run or want to start special campaign programs for their customers in the retail sector.

The use of contactless cards in many areas such as playgrounds, amusement parks, game machines and entertainment centers is very convenient for both customers and businesses. As Kozkart, we have been providing service in this sector by producing high number of cards for many years. Card usage provides time saving and healthy service experience in public areas such as entertainment centers.

Many Hotels, Holiday Resorts, Exhibitions and Concert Organizations in tourism sector require smart cards, POS solutions, mobile solutions, RFID wristbands, card printers and neck straps in addition to electronic toll collection and door card systems; moreover, prepaid cards, credit toll collection cards, towel cards, contacted / contactless door cards, printed / unprinted magnetic tape cards are also needed. Throughout years, KozKart has been providing leading companies of the industry with economic, reliable, high-quality and quick solutions.

In today’s age, meeting the changing needs of the education system brought about by technological developments is only possible with the right investments. Plastic cards and technologies that have entered all stages of the education field have become an imperative for educational institutions and the education age. KozKart has succeeded to be the indispensable solution partner of educational institutions with its investments, correct partnerships and smart education systems. Student ID cards, parking cards, canteen cards, club membership cards, etc. are the main needs of our educational institutions.

KozKart provides its services to all state institutions such as municipalities, universities, ministries, and is a regular bidder of these institutions. KozKart has been meeting the various card demands of many state institutions and organizations for many years.