POS Terminals are used in the field side of projects of all sizes. With their portable and practical size, and advanced hardware, these terminals offer various advantages to enterprises. Today connection options for POS Terminals include Ethernet, GPRS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. KozKart provides and develops software for many brands and models of POS Terminals to its customers in the payment systems sector.

In the face of harsh market conditions, businesses need to be open to innovations in order to stay one step ahead of others. Many of these innovations are focused on customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

With the customer card systems we have developed, we support your business by increasing preferability by customers. We produce cards tailor-made to your business so that your customers feel that they are valued by your business. These personalized cards your customers carry in their wallets and bags ensure that your business is always remembered and likely to be preferred again.

Our software and hardware allows you to better familiarize yourself with your customers, keep track of purchases made by each customer, enable your customers to earn points as they make purchases and even set special discount rates and point earning rates for each individual customer.

Thermal printers are extremely effective in providing practicality in daily use, not taking up much space in office environments and providing instant and fast solutions to your customers. Main areas of use are;

Printing personnel cards,
Printing personal information and photo onto cards,
Customer-specific designs,
Visitor cards,
Access control cards,
Consecutive serial number printing

KozKart provides all kinds of supplies for thermal card printing machines such as resin ribbon, empty white cards and cleaning kit.

Thanks to their plug-and-play feature, USB card readers have been used in many areas, from the payment industry to loyalty systems, from personnel tracking systems to door locks.KozKart supports result-oriented practical solutions with USB card readers. Card readers can easily work with magnetic stripes, 13.56 MHz, Proximity and barcode cards.

We offer all types of printed and unprinted lanyards and accessories. Once you approve our samples, lanyards are produced by our experienced team in our high capacity facility in accordance with the original sample.