All contactless cards we produce can be introduced to a system without requiring insertion into a reader (mifair, proximity etc.).

The card is automatically read when brought about 5 cantimeters from the reader, thus saving time, especially in transit systems.

For example, KGS cards that are used on highway toll booths are contactless cards.

All of our systems can work with all contactless cards types such as magnetic stripe cards. In addition, the chips used in contactless cards have the ability to store data in varying capacities.

Transportation cards, together with contactless payment systems made available by today’s technology, have become an indispensable tool for smart city planning. KozKart supplies the transportation sector with a high number of cards using the latest technologies.

In the face of harsh market conditions, businesses need to be open to innovations in order to stay one step ahead of others. Many of these innovations are focused on customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

With the customer loyalty card systems we have developed, we support your business by increasing preferability by customers.

We produce cards tailor-made to your business so that your customers feel that they are valued by your business. These personalized cards your customers carry in their wallets and bags ensure that your business is always remembered and likely to be preferred again.

Our customer loyalty system allows you to better familiarize yourself with your customers, keep track of purchases made by each customer, enable your customers to earn points as they make purchases and even set special discount rates and point earning rates for each individual customer.

Thanks to the cards your customers carry, you can see all the information of that customer as they make their purchases. You can categorize your customers by any criteria of your choice, and you can notify your customers of campaigns or announcements with mass e-mail or sms to either all your customers or only customers in a certain category. You can also save dates of special occasions (such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, etc.) and send congratulatory messages or invitations on these days.

For businesses with multiple branches or payment points, we set up our online Point Card System, so that our services works in all your branches over the internet.

We believe that with with our customer loyalty system staying one step ahead is no longer a project requiring high budget investments that only large companies can afford, but also a possibility for small and medium sized businesses.

ID cards that are needed by many businesses, such as private institutions, government agencies, universities, etc. KozKart has been producing id cards (with variable data like photos, names etc.) with ISO 27001 information security certificate for these sectors for many years.

With our gift card systems, your customers can earn gifts as they shop. This allows your business to implement campaigns that are critical for continued customer loyalty.

Business managers can categorize each product or service to determine the rate of gift earnings for each individual category. As your customers shop, they earn with these rates. Customers can receive gifts whenever they wish with their accumulated points, or business can give certain gifts to their customers in exchange for the points collected.

Business managers can create reports of all transactions whenever they wish. It is also possible to categorize customers and assign different earning rates for each category.

For businesses with multiple branches or payment points, we set up our online Gift Card System, so that our services works in all your branches over the internet.

With our gift card system you can keep track of your customers’ shopping habits, and make them earn gifts to ensure your business is preferred.

Another feature of our gift cards is that your customers can shop with money loaded on the card. Money is loaded from the system to the id number of the produced cards in the amount determined by your business. With the gift cards your customers have received, they can shop up to the balance of the card.

The visuals on the gift cards are prepared exclusively for each business. The cards are produced either with magnetic strips or as contact / contactless smart cards in credit card sizes. Thus, card quality is preserved while costs are minimized. In short, with our gift cards and gift card system, you can elevate your customer relations to the highest level.

Door keys are being replaced with key cards such as the ones we produce. Hotels, dormitories, offices and even residences can guarantee their security with key cards. Key cards can be manufactured with magnetic strips or contactless chips.

Copy protection ensures these cards to provide strong measures against security hazards.

Since many of these cards can easily be carried in a wallet, carrying keys is no longer a burden.