All processes carried out at cafeterias will be automated with the meal cards for personnel and students. Thanks to cafeteria cards assigned to company personnel or students, and the meal credits previously loaded into these cards, personnel ill be able to meet their needs for meals without causing any confusion and all of these processes will be kept under record.

Credits will be loaded to personnel or student cards so that they will be able to use the credits at the cafeterias. Card holder will buys every meal by having the card read. So, all processes performed at the cafeteria will be recorded and the card holder will be prevented to buy meal in amounts over the specified limits.

In addition, if the meals are provided against payment at the cafeterias, credits will be loaded into these cards beforehand and the personnel will use these cards for their purchases. So that time-consuming procedures involving exchange of cash and change will no more be required and all purchase processes will be kept under record. The use of Cafeteria Cards will also prevent loss of time at the cashiers which may occur due to overcrowding.