Customers visiting your company or your personnel may be making purchases in different places within the enterprise. This requires launch of systems that are costly and often hard to control. They may even cause problems most of the time. Charge Card is one of the most suitable methods to solve such kind of problems encountered.

Your customer or personnel will obtain the charge card assigned to them as they enter the facility and make purchases in various places inside. When they have the card read by the system at the exit, you can see the purchases they made inside and collect the amount that is to be paid. In this way, you can overcome the challenge of separate cash or credit card processes or totaling bills one by one in any area inside where purchases can be made. Your customer and personnel will only slide their card through the slot, and then every detail will be calculated automatically.

This system can also be used as a pre-paid system. A certain amount of balance can be loaded to the card owned by the user, who will then use the balance in this card. Such balance will spent via the prepaid card system.