For school canteens, collecting money from students is a time-consuming process requiring effort. Since a high number of students need to make purchases at canteens within a short period of time, cashiers will have to deal with a huge crowd and lose a great amount of time.

Student card system provides great advantage at school canteens for the solution of this problem. Thanks to the Canteen Card system that we have launched, cash will be loaded into the cards of the students in advance, so that the purchase processes will be carried out by means of these cards at the canteen cashiers. Thus, there will be no more use of cash for such purchases and each purchase will be recorded.

Cash will be loaded into the cards from a particular center and students will make their payment at the canteens with this canteen card system. Time-consuming procedures such as receiving cash in change will no more be required and expenditures of the students will be fully recorded. Briefly, canteen cards are one of the best examples of charge cards.